Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ms Office 2010/2013 does not print part 2

 I covered this topic before. But if it doesnt work, there's another workaround. I got the idea from here. So thank you. I'm reposting what I did to fix it here.

Okay first some background. Your problem is that Office 2010/2013 apps dont print but other programs like notepad, browsers, etc can print. You already tried re installing office, changing to or from 64/32 bit office, and re installing the printer driver. You even tried the tip in my other post. If those dont work do this.

I'm doing it in win 8 64 bit but it should work the same for win 7.

* Go to control panel.
* Go to Devices and Printers.
* Click on "Add a printer". I chose at random the LPT1 and the HP deskjet 4320.
* Do not make it the default printer.

Thats it. MS office should print OK from now on.

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