Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reloading smart bro using a smart buddy card

Reloading smart bro using card
Load smart bro another smart cellphone

You can load a smart bro 3g/3.5g prepaid internet account using another smart cellphone if you use a smart bro prepaid card. Yes we know that works. Other websites have documented it. For completeness, I'll quote the procedure

On any Smart GSM cell phone, text Reload <Smart Bro Prepaid number> and send to 1510.
Okay, what if you DON'T use a smart bro prepaid card. Instead, what happens if you use a smart buddy card, the normal card used for prepaid cellphones? Well lets see. I'll use the term "smart buddy" to refer to any smart prepaid cellphone plans.

I bought a 500 peso smart buddy card (actual cost for me is around 490 pesos) in my local SM from the SM kiosks which sell prepaid cards. Forgive me for the blurry cellphone picture below.

It came with small stapled cardboard strip which contains another PIN number good for 15 pesos load. Sorry but I don't have a picture. This is supposed to be a limited promo according to the saleslady so get one while supplies last. The promo is supposed to be over but there are some left over in my local SM. The text on that small cardboard strip says that the 15 peso load is good for both smart bro prepaid and smart buddy cellphones.

OK. I tried the above procedure with the 15 peso load on my smart bro prepaid. It worked. I later on tried it with the 500 peso card, it didn't work. I got an error as a text message from 1510
VD# 0002 Invalid keyword, cannot be processed. REF: xxxxxxxxxxxx.
I then replaced the smart bro prepaid number with my smart buddy cellphone number. It worked

I am unhappy to report that indeed, the smart buddy prepaid card does not work with smart bro prepaid. I was disappointed since I began the experiment as I was writing this blog post and I fully expected it too work.

I wonder why SMART decided to have 3 kinds of load, one for smart bro prepaid, one for smart buddy and one for both. For efficiency sake, having a universal load might be better. Also, the error message seen is another example of a non-user friendly error message, since it does not give any indication of what the problem is.

So I'll just use PASALOAD to transfer load from my smart buddy to my smart bro or use E-load

the end
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