Thursday, February 23, 2012

cdrking earbud review

Model SE-107 e cdrking earbuds

I was in the market for cheap backup headphones for my laptop. So I looked around. These seemed OK. I chose them since at 180 pesos, they were at the higher end of the low quality earbud price range and I was hoping that the quality would be better. I also chose these for the symmetrical cords. I don't like asymmetrical.

I've only had them for one day and I know that they are cheap. So I didn't have my hopes up and my rating is skewed to the fact that its cheap.

Build quality - its OK. Cord and the rubber at the tip is less flimsy than some of the 100 peso counterfeit sony or beats by dr dre headphones. Cord length is ok but on the short side. I'd give it a 3/5.

Accessories - no pouch. No tip protector. With 2 extra rubbers of different sizes. I'll give it a 3/5.

Sound quality - muddy, bias towards base. I prefer crisp tones. Markedly worse than my Altec Lansings. 2/5

Verdict - I wouldn't buy these again. I should have saved 500 pesos for some Sony earbuds. Lets round off the final score to 2/5.

the end

Update: forgot to say that the comfort and fit of the rubber is quite good. Added the Altec Lansing part.

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