Saturday, March 20, 2010

akari battery chargers in SM/ACE hardware

I found akari NIMH battery chargers in SM, ACE hardware to be exact. 3-4 models. At least 2 models have the negative delta V spec printed on the back. One costs 1300 pesos and has 4 slots, one costs 800 pesos and has 2 slots.

I dont have any pics and I dont have the exact specs but since SM stores are spread all over the country, this means that more and more of our citizens now have access to a reasonably priced smart charger, assuming this is real of course.

XKCD, the geek's webcomic

If you're a geek, then this is the webcomic for you. Its always funny and sometimes only geeks get the jokes because a lot of science and math and sci fi and geekery is involved.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Buying cellphone smart/globe load with Paypal online

website here.

I found out about this in tipidpc here. I am in no way connected with this. If you look at the prices on the website, theres a small fee. $10 = PHP. 300.00 and so on. The entire point of the website is you can buy prepaid cellphone load for the Philippines with paypal from anywhere in the world. Is this the best option? I dont know. You better compare prices and make your own decision.

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