Friday, February 4, 2011

DUMeter name your price

DUMeter is a nifty little program. Its a network monitoring tool. Primarily what it does is show a graph in a small window. The graph shows the data coming in and out of your PC via the network. So when you download a file off the net or open a webpage you see the graph showing activity.

It has other nifty features like an "alert" whenever more/less than X megabytes of data was uploaded/downloaded/both in Y minutes. The alert consists of a couple of options. I usually use the "shut down computer" if less than X megs were downloaded in Y minutes option. I use this as a safeguard against wasting energy. Imagine if you left your PC on overnight downloading then the internet went down, your PC would still be on, but it would be doing nothing.

Another feature is it can say how much data you have up/downloaded. There are reports that can be customized to hourly, daily, weekly, monthly. You can even export to a spreadsheet.

But this is not freeware. It costs $29.99. I have not seen any freeware with this many features. However, dumeter's publishers allow you to haggle. This is a link where you can make a single offer and if the offer is accepted, you can buy dumeter at the lower price that you specified.

Try it

UPDATE: this offer may not be available in all countries

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