Saturday, January 16, 2010

Making money from blogging part 2

More websites to check out
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Nice copy paste trick

Try this. Open up MS word or notepad or any text editor.

Then go to any of several websites. For this trick we'll use

You'll see a list of articles. Open one.

Now pick a paragraph and select one or two words anywhere in the paragraph and copy paste it to your text editor. Nothing unexpected happened. Ok select a longer block of text. Go from 6 to 7 to 8 or more words. Copy paste it. What do you see?

Explanation and possible dangers in the link below.
in reference to: Slashdot Your Rights Online Story | Tynt Insight Is Watching You Cut and Paste (view on Google Sidewiki)

update: works with firefox, doesnt seem to work on IE

suffering from wifi allergy, man sues neighbor for using wifi router

this would be tragic except that (see the comments in the link)

1. faraday cage. duhhh! You can shield your house. You can even use metallic paint.

2. mythbusters type studies have found that people complain whenever they see a celllphone repeater or a wifi router  - whether or not the power is turned on, as long as they see the LED indicator lights are on. Placebo effect man!!

3. unless you have a diesel, a car engine also makes a lot of EM radiation, although the the car body acts as a faraday cage
in reference to: Santa Fe WiFi foe strikes again: sues neighbor for using wireless devices, lives in a car -- Engadget (view on Google Sidewiki)

tank007 tk-568 review

Ok I bought one. This is the link to the website  . They sell a large number of stuff including LED flashlights.

It arrived ~ 4 weeks after ordering. cost $14.80 and free shipping, no tax. It arrived in an envelope. Shipping is free and takes a month because it uses old fashioned snail mail, i.e. the post office.

Build quality looks OK. The clicky button is solid. You can macgyver a momentary on switch by turning it on and loosening the butt end until it turns off. Pressing the butt end (not the button ) will turn it on momentarily.The button is recessed so you can stand the light on end. Combined with the removable top end, you have candle mode. It has Gold plated contacts.

Compared to my maglite, its almost the same intensity. Color is a little on the warm white side. The beam angle is bigger. At 1 meter, you get a 1 meter circle and a 12cm spot. You are supposed to be able to adjust the focus by loosening the top end but the difference is minimal.The light does get warm after some minutes of use.


The website of dealextreme says its 3 mode, high, low and SOS. The tank website says its 5 or 1 mode and no you cant tell if you got the normal or the deluxe model just by looking because they have the same model number. Well the one I got has only 1 mode.

This is false advertising, or just a mistake????

Otherwise its an ok 1 mode flashlight. Dont know how long it will last.

This is a class A chinese brand. I bought it because at the time I didnt have the budget to buy a quark mini AA.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lenovo is changing its keyboards

I'm worried

* will the chiclet keyboard be less comfortable to type?

* MMORPG players will have problems with the Fkeys. Dont laugh, it happens

in reference to: Lenovo bucks tradition, ditches SysRq button on some keyboards - News - PC Authority (view on Google Sidewiki)

Pay me

Welcome to Dr. Maldia's Credit card payment webpage. Click on the "Donate" button to pay. Please have your credit card handy.

Thank you for your Payment

Thank you for your Payment

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Google stands up to china!!!

I too support net neutrality. The guys over at boingboing should be happy.

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"WASHINGTON- Human rights activists rejoiced Tuesday over Google's vow to defy China Internet censors, hoping it would be a "wake-up call" for businesses that make compromises to enter the giant market. Google said it will stop filtering Internet search results in China and risk banishment from the lucrative market in outrage at "highly sophisticated" cyberattacks aimed at Chinese human rights activists. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on Beijing to explain cyberattacks originating from China against Google and other firms. "We have been briefed by Google on these allegations, which raise very serious concerns and questions," Clinton said in a released statement. "We look to the Chinese government for an explanation," the chief US diplomat added. "The ability to operate with confidence in cyberspace is critical in a modern society and economy," she said. Blogging sites including Twitter were swarmed with messages of elation after the Internet giant's shock announcement that it would reconsider its China business."
- China rights activists elated by Google -, Philippine News for Filipinos (view on Google Sidewiki)


This blog is supported by ads, google ads that appear in each posts and sponsored posts. For the Google ads I have no control over what ads google chooses to display. From time to time I will make blog posts that are sponsored. All sponsored blog posts will be clearly labeled. All sponsors are aware that I will never lie for them. I will always tell the truth, you have my promise on that.

My MS access EMR (electronic medical record)

You can download the file here.

It runs on MS access, i.e. it is a MDB file. I chose MS access because you can modify the heck out of it. Unfortunately since I dont know Visual basic I was not able to include fancy stuff like menus and searches.

I could have made it nicer and more user friendly by using HTML + PHP + mySQL but i'm rusty and its much harder to do.

When I created this, my aim was to make a quick and dirty electronic medical record for my clinic. This includes patients seen as outpatients and patients who are admitted. Since I am a surgeon, a section for operations is included.

So this is the short how to get started manual. First make a new copy and keep the old copy around in case you want to undo your changes. Next you will see that it is divided into 4 tables: admissionreferral, consultations, ortech and patient list.

In general to add a new entry you use forms. I have set up the forms so that while in  forms you CANNOT see previously created entries. That way there is no chance of accidentally modifying or deleting stuff.

Use tables to edit or look at previously added entries. Unfortunately I dont have the programming expertise to show just one old entry.

If you are searching for a patient name, go to Queries. There you can see patients listed with first and last names and arranged via last name. Of course you can change this around. The most common change is to order it via first name. Unfortunately I dont have the programming expertise to make a real search form.

If you know how to use MS office, filling up the forms or editing the tables  is easy.

One feature about databases is the use of a primary key. Each entry has a unique number. In this case I've made it so that it is automatically created so even if 2 patients have the same name they have different keys. Each of the 4 databases has its own primary key. 

One design choice I made was to separate the personal data into one table and place the rest in other tables.So its like this. For a new patient, you first fill in the personal data. Next you go to either the consultation form if its an outpatient or the admission referral form if it is an inpatient. From the dropdown menu you will choose which patient is connected with this consultation or admission. I did this so that I would not have to make 2 entries if one patient was seen both as an outpatient and as an inpatient. This is a standard technique in databases, avoiding duplicate entries. If you ever filled up paper forms before, its a drag to have to input the same data like name and address over and over. Its a heck of a time saver. Imagine if a patient was seen multiple times and you ahd to type his name and address again and again.

So I hope you find this useful.

OK, the links expired, I've re uploaded the file HERE 

UPDATE: file sharing isnt working out for me here because the links might expire. I've uploaded a slightly improved version to gogle docs (ZIP format compressed) HERE. It's p4ssword protected. The p4ssword is ***sardines. Replace each * with 5. Since this is Google Docs, you need to be registered with google to access it. You can use your gmail or blogger password as they all use the same account.

re uploading again, no password for the RAR file.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to Earn Money from Blogging

Blogging is the new media tool used for making an online journal. It is also considered a website but on a more personal approach. It has been used for so many years but when Brian Gorell started to blog ,the whole world was scandalize and most of them started to blog. He used blogging for his AIDS awareness advocacy. His blog became remarkable and followed by millions of people. He still blogs up to now.

First step is to start up your blog.The simple process how to earn with blogging. You only need perseverance, patience, and good idea.

Famous free blogsites:
1. Blogspot
2. Wordpress
3. Livejournal
4. Typepad

But did you know that you can earn from blogging? How ? Let me share to you the advice of my friend Mr. Dexter Panganiban. He said that earning from blogging is categorized into two: Passive and Active.

"Passive income are income generated thru Ads which is shown in the Blogs that you use.
The are lots of company where we can really enroll so that You can have a Passive income. Those site that can gives a passive income are those site involve involved in CPC [ Cost Per Click ] or PPC [ Pay Per Click ] Platform. Well I use the following Site to get those Passive income :

1. Ads by Google
2. Bidvertiser
3. Kontera
4. Nuffnang
5. Project Wonderful "

"Active income are those income generated when you do something like paid post or a review or when somebody pays you to make the review.

It is actually an earning after you make your task. Sometimes this kind of earning rocks and way far behind the passive income. Although sometimes it is reverse.

These are the paid posting sites I used:

1. Reviewme
2. Payperpost
3. Blogvertise
4. Sponsoredreviews
5. Blog4reviews
6. Blogadvertisingstore

Just be sure you have Paypal account upon enrolling because they pay you thru paypal, Happy Blogging.
in reference to:

- How to Earn Money from Blogging (view on Google Sidewiki)

cree headlamp vs led lenser h7 for surgery

The cree headlamp was discussed here.

The led lenser h7 is available in hahn for 2800 pesos versus 1500 pesos for the cree. It is rated at 160 lumens versus 300 for the cree. Maybe the 300 value is exaggerated. But the led lenser H7 is a little weaker than the cree. The focusing system of the H7 is inferior to the cree. Just look at the cree's lens assembly, its so long compared to the H7. Just like a DSLR telephoto lens, if you want zoom , you need a longer barrel.

My bro in law has a cree and I have used it in surgery so I can safely say that its focus system is excellent. The cree has little spill while the led lenser has a lot of spill. Its intensity is probably the minimum needed for surgery. Sorry led lenser, I have to turn you down this once.

Conclusion: the cree headlamp is definitely usable for surgery.

surgical grade headlamp versus ordinary headlamp

* Spill. A hiker, spelunker or whatever uses both his peripheral vision as well as being focused on what is ahead. This is why most flashlights and headlights, aside from the bright spot, also have a lot of light that spills over. A surgeon does not use his peripheral vision much. If he is using loupes, he cant use his peripheral vision becuase he is totally concentrated on what is within the field of view of the loupe. The ideal surgical headlamp must have a very concentrated cone of light focused a handlength away, with little or no spill. Spilled light just wastes energy.

* Comfort. A surgical headlight must be utterly comfortable. I've used headlights that cause headaches when used for a long time unless you move it around. Surgeons can be wearing the headlight for hours so it has to be utterly comfortable. A surgeon cannot adjust the headlight by himself because he is sterile so there better be no pressure points that can cause pain and skin ulcers.

* Tilt adjustment. The led lenser headlights are notorious for this. The hinge has ratchets so the tilt can only be adjusted to a certain number of angles. If you are not wearing loupes you can just tilt your eyeballs up or down so that your field of vision conicides with  the focus of the light. If you are wearing loupes you cant do that. A work around is to move the headlamp up or down on the forehead. And the light better stay pointed where it is set. A surgeon can't easily adjust a headlamp once he is sterile.

* Coaxiality. If you're a hiker it doesnt matter if your light is a meter away from your eyes. You can still see. If however you are looking down a small pipe, then you need the light to be near your eyes. Most surgical lights have the emitter in between or maybe slightly above the line of sight

* Intensity. For a hiker, most likely it would be night time so even a weak light will help. A surgeon using a headlamp already has the operating light shining on the patient so his pupils will be already contracted. So the intensity needs to be high. Photographers would be familiar with this. Try photographing the contents of a tin can in bright sunlight without a flash, with the interior of the can in shadow. Thats what surgeons deal with all the time. Plus loupes tend to decrease the aparrent light intensity. However there are times when a weak headlight will work. These include office or bedside procedures or surgeries where the surgical light is focused on some other part of the body, as long as the headlamp does not have to fight against an operating room light. Of course you could just turn down the operating room light. But then your assistan and the nurses cant see anything unless you get them their own lights.

* Switch. A surgical headlamp ideally would have a switch that the surgeon can turn on and off without breaking sterility. You can macgyver this by installing a switch at say belt level. Just press the switch through your sterile gown.

* Modes. Most often you only need 2 modes, OFF and MAXIMUM. A normal user would maybe need other modes like flashing or low modes.

Monday, January 11, 2010 "Make money by sharing your pictures online!"

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Led lenser k3 and p3

The led lenser k3 costs 799 in hahn. Because it uses button cells, its very small

The p3 costs 899.

The price is very reasonable compared the the US price of $16-$20 for the p3. It uses 1AAA and has a zoomable lens. Only 1 mode though.

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