Saturday, May 8, 2010

Smart begins nationwide WiMAX rollout | The Philippine Star Business Features Telecoms

Smart begins nationwide WiMAX rollout | The Philippine Star Business Features Telecoms

This is the first confirmation we have from a more or less reliable source that Smart is plannin to launch a wimax plan.

Unfortunately, the news article has few details so we're still stuck with what we know from my last post here.

Dampening Vibration speeds up Hard drives

Wow, a 245% improvement in random read speeds in a server just by isolating a hard drive from the vibration of the fans and other hard drives in the same case.

I wonder if this would be noticable in a home PC with only one hard drive, not a server class drive of coure, a normal 7200rpm drive

Should be easy enough to bust or prove. Get a home PC, place it on a thick rubber mat on a hard concrete or stone floor and do a random read/write benchmark then do it again but this time unscrew the hard drive and place it on the bare floor or on its own separate rubber mat.

in reference to:
"Performance improvements for random reads ranged from 56% to 246% while improvements for random writes ranged from 34% to 88% for a defined set of industry benchmarks."
- Bad, bad, bad vibrations | ZDNet (view on Google Sidewiki)

Microsoft Philippines Win 7 + Office sale!!

This is a pretty good deal, PHP 2299 for win 7 pro and pay PHP999 more for Office pro, up to may 26, 2010 only though.

The problem is its an OEM liscence so if the PC or probably the motherboard dies, the liscence dies with it. Also this only applies to I cafe's.

Nice try but try harder next time. Microsoft, you have to give make it easy for everyone, not just i-cafes, to go legit.

This is the facebook page for this promo.

in reference to: Microsoft i-Cafe Program (view on Google Sidewiki)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Smart wimax Will launch

We have breaking news of smart's new plan, a wimax 2mbps plan for 999 pesos, 24 months lock in. Continue reading for details.

modem is the motorola cpe i750. The same modem modem appears to be a newer model compared to the one used by wi-tribe which is the i150.

No official word yet from smart. Estimated launch date: May 15, 2010.

I was expecting smart to launch a LTE based plan, not wimax. But the difference should be negligible to the end user.

in reference to:1
"Smart Wimax."
- | Smart Wimax (view on Google Sidewiki)

UPDATE: as of now, we have few details. Obviously initially, areas covered will be limited. No word if there will be a cap or not.

update: added a link to the specs of the modem. Its 802.16e just like wi tribe and globe

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

smart bro new plan - 495

smart bro has a new plan.

* postpaid.
* use the sim in any open line 3g/3.5g modem
* 50 hours a month with 5 hrs free if you pay on time
* i assume performace should be same as share it, plug it unlimited and prepaid in the same location since they share the same 3.5g network

source: advertisment phil daily inquirer dead tree version april 30 2010 page A22

so, what do you guys think?

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