Friday, January 20, 2012

Anomaly: Warzone earth cheat

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orcs must die steam cheat engine
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Anomaly warzone earth is a reverse tower defense game. I bought it on STEAM.

I have not found any cheats or trainers so I'll teach you how to use a program called cheatengine to cheat. Cheat engine is a game utility that can search for values in ram that are used by the game. These values typically are used by the game to denote player attributes like money or health. Once you find it you can change the value. 

First you have to go to my previous Orcs must Die cheat page. The procedure for cheating is more or less the same so study the procedure there. But there is one added step. In the cheatengine program, look for the thing called "value type". The default setting here is "4 bytes". Change it to "Float".

And that's it.

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