Tuesday, December 4, 2012

QR codes for advertising in the Philippines

What is a QR code? Well a QR code is like a bar code but instead of lines read in one direction, there are dots arranged on a square. A bar code stores less characters than a QR code. A QR code can store lots of stuff from text to product information to a web page address to contact information.

Here is the QR code for my blog's web address

QR Code generator

If you have a smartphone, download any one of many free QR scanners and scan the code. Many smartphones have QR scanner apps like android, iOS and blackberry. To educate the public who are not familiar with them, small text encouraging them to download QR scanning apps for their phone should be printed with any posters.

In the philippines not all people have smartphones but the number is growing. In fact the Philippines is fastest growing smartphone market in SEA. {source}

So, maybe local Philippine businesses should start to use this to their advantage. Its cheap, just some cost for printing.
  • A QR code containing the contact information can be printed onto flyers, business cards and posters. 
  • Maybe you can make a QR with your businesses' facebook page and ask them to like it
  •  You can use them to announce specials and sales

Honestly, even in the malls of the capital Metro Manila, I have only seen a couple of QR Codes.

Generating a QR code is easy. Google for "create QR code" and you can find many. I've used http://goqr.me/ and I found it nice with lots of functions. Below is its QR code.

QR Code generator

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