Friday, January 7, 2011

local shortage of wifi routers

Last november I was in the market for a new wifi router so I went around my local SM mall in San Fernando Pampanga and wrote down the available model numbers and prices so I could make a better decision as to what to buy.

2 days ago, I was in one shop and I noticed that only one model of router was available. Last november there were at least 4 brands available. Intrigued, I went to a total of 5 PC stores in my local SM mall. All of them have severe shortages of wifi routers compared to what I saw before. I talked to the employees in 3 stores and they said that they were all sold out. New stocks should arrive in a week or so.

Well its expected since its after the christmas season and a lot of people must have bought them as gifts. I did not really check on other items but the stores seemed a little roomier than before. So early january is not a good time to buy a wifi router because there is a shortage. Wait for new stocks and new models to arrive.

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