Saturday, December 15, 2012

QR code quality in the Philippine Daily Inquirer

The Philippine Daily Inquirer is a major Philippine newspaper that I read every day. A few days ago I posted a blog post about QR codes.Then a funny thing happened. I started seeing QR codes in ads in the Inquirer. Maybe 6 or so and one in real life in my local SM mall on a big sign. I dont know if its coincidence or I my consciousness is just primed to notice QR codes.

Anyway, maybe 25% of the QR codes in the Inquirer can't be read by my phone. My phone, a samsung galaxy Y, only has a fixed focus 2MP camera so it may be partially to blame. However, most of those that can't be read are either small (around 1 inch square) or are printed with low quality. HP ink cartridges have a QR code that is clearly printed but at 1cm square, my camera cannot read them.

My phone and its camera may be low spec but to include more of the reading public, advertisers should take into account that not all readers can afford a high end smartphone.

Suggestions: Advertisers should design the QR codes to be of sufficient size and they should borrow a few low end smartphones so they can test the QR codes to see if the print quality is sufficient. I dont know if the newspaper presses can do a test print before the actual issue is printed, but its always a good idea to test.

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