Thursday, February 16, 2012

altec lansing ahs 515 cord repair

Headphone cord repair
My headphone has been repaired before in this previous blog post. Now the wire insulation is fraying right after the volume control.

Since the volume control is useless anyway, I opted to cut it out and re attach the wire. Step 1 is to knot the wires together, remove the insulation, and splay out the wires.

Next step is to Identify which wire goes to which. Fortunately, the mic cable only has 2 wires and the while speaker cable has 3 so there's no mixing them up. And the wires are color coded with what looks like varnish. It also serves as insulation.

It was a simple matter to tin the ends of the wires and solder them together. After this, I checked the headset on my PC. I used the audio driver's settings to check if both left and right channels were working.

Next, carefully cover the blobs of solder with electrical tape. I ended up using 3 layers in total.

Last step. I added an ID clip so I can clip the cord or cable to my shirt. This way the cord isn't dragging my head down via gravity.

OK that's it. Instead of buying a new pair of headphones, I just repaired mine. Saved me some money.

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