Friday, May 7, 2010

Smart wimax Will launch

We have breaking news of smart's new plan, a wimax 2mbps plan for 999 pesos, 24 months lock in. Continue reading for details.

modem is the motorola cpe i750. The same modem modem appears to be a newer model compared to the one used by wi-tribe which is the i150.

No official word yet from smart. Estimated launch date: May 15, 2010.

I was expecting smart to launch a LTE based plan, not wimax. But the difference should be negligible to the end user.

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"Smart Wimax."
- | Smart Wimax (view on Google Sidewiki)

UPDATE: as of now, we have few details. Obviously initially, areas covered will be limited. No word if there will be a cap or not.

update: added a link to the specs of the modem. Its 802.16e just like wi tribe and globe

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