Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why Do I want to Buy a Led Flashlight online?

To the people who know me, I an a flashaholic. My family uses flashlights regularly and of course Its nice to have high quality tools.

Reading this blog you would know that I have successfully purchased stuff online using paypal + smart money.

Ok so why do I want to buy flashlights online? You can buy cheap flashlights at 168 mall or more expensive flashlights at Hahn. I've been getting a lot of flak from my family because they say I'm wasting money with stuff that lasts only a few months. My father's big 3D maglite is like 20+ years old and still ok. Plus its irritating to have to shake and fix flashlights when you want them to work immediately. Prices at Hahn are a little high. 2400 pesos for a second gen led AA maglite versus 1400 pesos including shipping online. So quality and price. I hope these flashlights will last. Of course I dont know what will happen at the post office. Hopefully the taxes will be reasonable. I'll know in 1-2 months when they arrive.

A lot of nice brands are not available here like fenix, gerber, quark, etc. So another inducement to buy online.

Ok thats that. Coming soon is a blog about my initial choices.

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