Monday, November 30, 2009

HP original cartridge - cheap at PC express

Yesterday I went to Octagon in a small Robinsons mall in manila. I was trying to buy HP 22 ink cartridges for my HP D2460 printer. The old one was refilled once and is now not working well. I was expecting a price of PHP700 or so, but the price was 800+. Just now, PC corner's website lists the price as PhP 898.

Well, today I went to PC Express, Pampanga. The price of the HP 22 was 590. HP 21 black is 700, the combo 21/22 pack is 1000+ php. Hey thats cheap, 590 pesos. I was a little worried because the ink did not come in a box, instead it came in the foil pack which usually is inside the box. Must be OEM or something

I havent installed it yet. I'll blog back to report later.

BTW, my hp 21 cartridge has been refilled 2x and is still OK.

UPDATE: Yep it fits. Here is the picture.
2 thumbs up to Pc express

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