Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My first branded LED flashlight

The fenix  E01. This was my first purchase. What caught me at first was the low $15 price + free shipping here. I'm surprised that a lot of higher end but still chinese brands like ultrafire, sacred fire, small sun, romisen, etc have prices comparable to beyond those of branded products.

This is to be a keychain light so it breaks the "everything I own is AA" rule. It has to be compact. Its branded, made in the USA and has a twist switch so it might last longer. Other 1 x AAA lights are brighter but I don't need super brightness. This is an emergency light. Priority is on compact size and toughness.

Its still in transit so I'll blog about it when it arrives. I ordered it on Tuesday 10 November, 2009.

Update: 1/8/09. It still hasnt arrived yet.
As an alternate, the parent or partner website is this <link>.  Its better to go there directly. They have other brand, not just fenix. Otherwise its the same as the site above.

update: 1/13/10. Still waiting.

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