Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My candidates for LED flashlights

After searching ebay and seaching using google shopping + a little google research in the flashlight forums looking for reviews, I made an initial short list of candidates. Some are 1x AA, some are 2x AA. Requirement are branded, high quality, < $40. I had to surf a lot of sites to find stores that shipped to the Philippines. Sometimes you have to register with them to find out that they dont ship here or the cost is too much.

The candidates

The Fenix E20. $38, free shipping. 2AA batteries

LED Lenser - V2 Triplex 3 LED. pounds 15 ($25.06) + pounds 7.25 ($12.11) shipping . 1 AA

Coast LED Lenser Flashlight DIGITAC II - 7848. $29.95 + $12 shipping. 1AA

Quark mini AA. $39. free shipping. 1AA

NiteCore EZ AA . $52, free shipping. 1AA

2AA inova radiant. $34.41 total using e-2-door for shipping.

2AA maglite led, 2nd generation. $24 + $4 shipping

If I remember correctly, the nitecore, the quark and the maglite have different light levels, while the maglite also has adjustable zoom. Having a low setting because at max light levels, the batteries only last 4 hours or so.

I'll blog later about my final choice.

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