Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lotus LED flashlight review

This is my personal review of the Lotus LED flashlight. I'm not a pro reviewer though so no light levels or runtimes here.

* 2AA
* 500 something pesos
* aluminum construction
* removable reflector, a semi candle mode, with less coverage than the maglite's candle mode
* clickie switch on the head
* cannot stand up on its base
* made in china
* 1 watt LED, well it says 1 watt on the packaging

I thought that since it was expensive, it would last longer. I was wrong. After a few weeks, i was finding the batteries dead and the entire flashlight was hot. The front U spring was shorting on the wall (see pic). Fixed with some tape. Eventually after a few months, it would not turn on without a lot of fussing, unscrewing and so on. The usual with china flashlights. If it wont turn on, tighten or loosen the tail or head caps, then pull and clean all the springs and contacts.

Actually now that doesnt work so I'm retiring it after > 1 year of on-off service.

Final review : 1 out of 5

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