Sunday, November 29, 2009

Extending the life of your razor blades

I'm a ... okay i'm not too normal, but I'm still a Filipino, so I too have to save a little. Some things have to be sacrificed for economics. I'll talk about shaving.

How long does your razor last? My last documented razor blade lasted jan 2009-july 2009. THATS 7 MONTHS. I have no idea how long it it supposed to last. Here's what I do.

* Start with a quality brand. I use Gilette sensor.
* Shave once every 48 hours or more
* Never shave unless your beard has been washed and wet for a few min to enable it to absorb water and soften. This generally means shaving after taking a bath.
* As for shaving cream? Well, I use the cheapest one per gram. ALWAYS have a calculator when shopping to get the cheapest product per gram. Well, sometimes you have to pay for quality but IMHO the quality of shaving creams doesnt vary too much for me

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