Sunday, November 29, 2009

Paypal without a credit card in the Philippines : Part 1

Paypal. The magical service that allows you to shop online. But you have to get a credit card to use it, well thats what I thought.

So lets get a credit card. OK sir just pay XXXX pesos per year as an annual fee after the first year. I'm a cheap person and I believe in old fashined cash so I said no way. I'm only going to use it a few times a year so its not worth it. XXXX usually means around PHP 1000 - 1200 pesos.

Metrobank Mfree has a no annual fee credit card but there are certain ... requirements. No I'm not talking about a symbol tatooed on your head or the blood of your first born. Just ... requirements. Tignan nyo nalang ang link. The requirements cannot be met at the moment. Maybe in the future when my private practice picks up. But til then, I cant do it.

Some people in TPC, specifially this thread, have suggested that I get a CC and at the second year, threaten or beg the agent to waive the annual fee again. Sorry but I dont work that way. I have my dignity and I will not stoop that low. Besides, I wont be a big spender with this and my clout will be low.

To be continued ///

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