Saturday, December 5, 2009

medical butlers anyone?

Hehehe. This is a very nice idea. A hybrid nurse/DH/secretary.

I can imagine a scenario like this:

Welcome to the Manila hotel Ma'am. Your room in the MacArthur suite is ready. I took the liberty of confirming your husband's appointment with the hotel's golf instructor and I also confirmed your appointment with your cosmetic surgeon. I also took the liberty of contacting your personal physician back at home and transferred your encrypted medical records from the physician's server to the Hotel's server. It is encrypted to your biometrics. With your permission and your biometrics I will proceed to uncrypt the records and forward them to your surgeon and his hospital. I also took the liberty of stocking your room with all the medications and medical devices you need as per your personal physician's instructions. And dont forget to pick up your complimentary pearl studded keychain/ flash drive which I will fill with your medical history, current medications and allergies once you uncrypt them. Its for the medics and ambulance you see, just in case you have a problem while shopping. Have a nice stay in the Philippines ma'am.

Of course we cant forget the original butler-surgeon, Alfred Pennyworth

in reference to: Health, wellness served on a silver platter, anyone? - 12/04/09 (view on Google Sidewiki)

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