Monday, November 30, 2009

Paypal without a credit card in the Philippines : Part 3

Ohkay, the final post of this series.

Threads in TipidPC and in the ebay discussion boards plus a few hits in google searches say that, tes you can verify your paypal account with smart money. WTF!! I want to buy stuff online, not verify my paypal account. Besides, it has already been verified using my mom's credit card. Please stop beating around the bush and say YES or NO. At least Smart answered my email with a YES and one of the employees in my local Smart office has used her smart money card online.

So AFAIK I am the first person on the net to actually claim to be able to buy stuff online using smart money + paypal. 

The old version of smart money is not paypal compatible. The new version has a number that starts with 52996***********. And you have to unlock internet transactions right before
Well, when I started it wasnt a sure thing with all the beating around the bushes.Fortunately It worked.

Click here for the full instructions on how to use smart money on the net.
UPDATE: yeah the link is broken. But its pretty simple to do. All you have to do is to apply for smart money. Once you get it, load it with some pesos. Then enable internet transactions by sending INTERNET to 343 through text message. Link it to your paypal account (treat it like a mastercard credit card) and you can now verify it. Dont forget to use your cellphone to unlock the card for internet transactions just before verifying or buying. And take note, there are two "unlocks" for smart money. One is for internet transactions, one is for swiping the card at your local store so dont get them mixed up. The internet transactions lock is always on by default. It will lock after each internet transaction and a few minutes after unlocking if its idle. Verification will take ~ 2 days.

UPDATE : For a step by step, I'll make a new blog entry <here>.

Applying for smart money is simple. No need for any proof of income like credit cards. Just 30 pesos and an ID. I also had to upgrade my decade old sim card (retaining my old number), another 100 pesos. 130 pesos one time fee vs 1200 pesos a year for a credit card. FTW!!!!! I got my card ~ 5 days after applying.


Anonymous said...

link is broken

aLLy said...

The link's working.

I visited the Smart site to check how to apply a Smart Money. In the process, it says to click on BDO. Now, what's that? I know what BDO stands for, but why do I have to click BDO? Do I still have to have an account there?

Here's the link where I got the instruction:

Or, was your instruction for person-to-person application? Would a Student ID satisfy as a valid ID?

Thanks for the link. I hope I could use it when I get a Smart Money card.

Vince said...

Ally, i think you better just go to a SMART center and apply there. You dont need any bank account to get smart money and i think a student ID will do

Anonymous said...

hi is it possible to use Smart money for Yesasia purchase?

Vince said...

I am not familiar with yesasia. But if it accepts paypal, just link your smart money card to paypal and use paypal to buy from yesasia

Anonymous said...

can i use my paypal acct that is connected to my smartmoney card for store purchase (e.g sm grocery or any mastercard affiliated store) you mention there are 2 unlocks 1 is for internet trans and the other 1 is for store purchase.. can u show/email me on how to do it. specially unlocking store purchase on my smart money menu. thnx my email is

Vince said...

I also use my smart money card (not paypal) for local purchases in grocery stores, restoraunts, etc. It emulates a mastercard electronic credit card.

AFAIK you cannot use paypal to pay for local purchases in grocery stores and the like unless the local store specifically has a website or if the store emails you and asks for payment. This way even a taho or balut vendor can accept paypal/credit cards. All he needs to do is to bring along say a tablet PC or smart phone and email you the customer with his demand for payment. But realistically, no one does that.

Vince said...

The instructions on how to use your smart money card as an ordinary debit card with local transactions or real world transactions such as a grocery store come with the card.

Its pretty easy, practically the same as an ordinary credit card.

1. make sure your smart money card has load

2. by default, the smart money card is unlocked for real world purchases and locked (with auto-lock after a few minutes) for internet transactions. So unless you locked it using your cellphone, its ready to be swiped by the cashier

3. After swiping, you sign the reciept just like an ordinary CC

4. you get a text specifying how much money was deducted

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