Saturday, December 5, 2009

smart bro plug it 3g internet - new plan

 There has been a claim in tipid PC (see here page 80) that the previous smart bro plug it plan 799 and plan 1500 have joined. That gives us a unlimited 3g internet for 999 pesos a month. Not bad!

As usual, the webpage of smart bro does not reflect this.

Previously there  were several plans for smart bro.

1. Plan 999 or canopy. This is IMHO the worst of the plans. It has a bad reputation in tipid pc. 999 pesos a month, unlimited, 384-512 kbps dpending on the location but there are reports of a speed upgrade to 1 mbps. This is locked to your cellsite.

All other plans aside from canopy use 3g or 3.5g/hspda frequencies. Up to 2mbps. They use usb dongles that function as 3g modems (see the pic above), except for share it. Also AFAIK except for share it which is locked to 3.5g, the others can use 3.5g, 3g and even GPRS if there is no 3g signal.

2. Prepaid. PHP 10 for 30 min. There are various discounts available. I've tested it in my house, actual speeds are 1.3 mbps, pretty ok to me.

3. Plan 799. 799 pesos a month for 80 hrs a month, in excess, same cost as prepaid.

4. Share it. Unlimited. Instead of a usb 3g modem, it comes with a wifi router where you stick the sim card. This is what I use now. Actual speeds are unstable, depending on the location and time. At home I can expect > 1.3 mbps. This is locked to your province, unlike the other 3g plans that are nationwide.

5. Plan 1500. Same as plan 799 except its unlimited

Again, this is unverified information !! OK verified !!!


Anonymous said...

verified na yan! i was already advised.. web documentation is still in process..

jenna said...

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Vince said...


Thank you.

As for the spam comment after your comment, well for now I'll leave it. Its well within my power as a blog owner to delete any comment but I'll just observe for now.

Vince said...

This plan is also discussed in the message boards and

Anonymous said...

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