Wednesday, January 6, 2010


PLDT DSL plan 999 or experience plan is supposed to be 1 mbps. I used to have one from year 2000-2009. Its rock stable. BUT its slower than advertised. I started out at around 250 kbps then over the years it suddenly it became faster, 350 kbps then 500 kbps then 700 then 500 again.

Of course the advertised speed was not always 1 mbps

However the time my actual speed was 500 kbps coincided with the first picture. By actual speed, I mean ACTUAL. Tested with, torrents and HTTP downloads using a download manager.

AFAIK this is how it works. You can see all the plans in the pictures, actually each plan has 2 subtypes, namely NGN and non-NGN, sometimes called legacy. If your DSL is not NGN, expect a 50% drop in speed. If you are NGN, expect 100-75% of advertised speeds.

Sometimes an area has old equipment, as in the equipment and servers in the PLDT substation. Some areas have new equipment. Usually this means that the area did not have PLDT DSL/telephone service until a few years ago and PLDT built a new substation. Now if your area has new equipment some or all of the PLDT DSL subscribers in that area will be NGN, depending on the number of slots available.

You know if you have NGN because NGN plans have no login/password. Just plug the LAN cable to the router.

So my PLDT plan 999 was actually plan 999-legacy. At least when I asked the PLDT office, they were honest enough to admit that the entire area was NGN. This is sampaloc manila, within Metro Manila, not some place way out in the boondocks. Its kinda disheartening to know that within the capital of the country, PLDT has OLD equipment and infrastructure. Its an old joke in the forums I frequent that it would take a fire or something to force PLDT to buy new equipment. I was stuck with legacy for 9 years.

This is so unfair. As an example, lets say you see an ad for a Jollibee value meal. The ad says it comes with a burger, large fries and large softdrink. You go to your local branch and buy one but they says that this only applies in selected areas so they can give you a burger, reg fries and reg drink for the same price.

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