Thursday, January 7, 2010

altec lansing ahs 515 fix


I bought this 2-3 months  ago. 1500 pesos from PC Options. Its comfortable and the sound quality is good but I got a lemon. Its because the sound of the Right earpiece cuts out. I have to jiggle the volume dial to get sound. Over time, its more and more difficult to jiggle the dial so I decided to bypass the volume knob. Fortunately the wires were color coded and the circuit board is labeled (R, L and G for right, left and ground). I first tested by temporarily shorting the R channel with a piece of wire. I eventually decided to short both L and R to get even sound volume.


After everything, I epoxied the wire stress relievers to the lower casing and taped the upper casing closed.


DocX said...

I have this same model. If you still have it, I've just had my mic go dead on this headset. When it's plugged in, I get *nothing*. No static or anything. I'm assuming it's not just a short because I'd assume some static would show up when I tested it on a PC.

I used a multimeter to test the continuity from the mic plug to the circuit board at the volume control. I'm getting low resistance along the appropriate wires, but I'm also getting a tad bit of continuity when I test the TRS to the wire it shouldn't be going to. Do you know if this is normal?

And do you have any suggestions about testing the continuity from the volume control to the headset?

There are no signs of visible damage. :-\

Vince said...

an electronics tech like the ones in malls should be able to fix it, if it can be opened. might not be worth it, just buy a new mic or a new set

Anonymous said...

can you please upload again the photos that are missing?

Vince said...

sorry, i dont have those pictures anymore on my hard drive.

looks like i wont be using shareapic anymore

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