Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I need a full size, long battery life laptop

I'm just thinking about replacing my old lenovo r51e


* full size keyboard
* 13-15 inch screen. Preferably 4:3 but widescreen will do. I dont want a small screen so netbooks wont do. Actually I will be using this more for surfing the net and reading ebooks so vertical height of the screen is important
* any cpu, any gpu
update: i'm partial to an i series cpu, the low power models. Why? because an i series (for intel at least) guarantees its a new model
* actual 6 hours or more of battery life while surfing the net with wifi. We know that the batt life in advertisments is BS
* 2 gigs or more of ddr3 sodimm. must be expandable to 4 gigs ddr 3. Or as an alternate, ddr2 but already 4 gigs once bought.
* any optical drive
* local warranty

I'm not in a hurry. I'm just testing the waters so when I buy in 1 or 2 years i know what to get
budget : < 50k
use: surfing the net in malls, reading ebooks, typing

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