Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No alternative fuel-fed vehicles for RP

Like I posted before, philippine car firms are stupid.

The article says there is little infrastructure for CNG. Thats BS IMHO. There are lots of CNG gas stations in metro manila catering to taxis.

The article says there is no demand. BS again IMHO. There's a demand, we just cant afford it. The Philippines is a poor country, DUHHH! Read my previous article HERE in my blog. Filipino people want a car that has both a low running cost AND a low purchase price. Who wouldnt want a Toyota Prius that sips gas? We all want one but the 2 million peso price tag is too much and it takes to bloody long to recoup the investment specially if you dont commute that much anyway. Who except the rich has 2 million pesos lying around? We could take a car loan but the interest will eat up our money.

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"No alternative fuel-fed vehicles for RP"
- Business - No alternative fuel-fed vehicles for RP - INQUIRER.net (view on Google Sidewiki)

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