Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ACER Aspire 4740 - 432G32Mn

If you remember my old post here, I'm planning on replacing my 2006 vintage laptop sometime this year.

CPU:Intel Core i5-430M 2x2.26GHz(1066 MHz / 3MB L2 Cache)
MEMORY: 2048MB DDR3 /PC 8500 - Bus 1066Mhz

HDD: 320GB HDD /SATA 150 - 5400 r.p.m./ Chống sốc HDD
OPTICAL: DVD±RW Double Layer ( Đọc và ghi đĩa DVD 2 lớp 8GB )
14" W/XGA LED Blacklight 16:9 CinerCrystal/ Màn hình Gương
Intel X4500MHD upto 796MB
WIFI: Intel PRO Wireless Lan 802.11b/g/ Bluetooth /Finger Print
Weight: 2.2Kg / Card Reader, Writer 5 In 1/

OS: Linux/ Crystal Eye Camera 1.3Mp


unfortunately, this is so new that there are no reviews out so I need to wait for someone to check the battery life

This model is so new it isnt on the acer website.
37590 for 2 gig ddr3 ram, another 2250 for 4 gig.
AFAIK it is the first i series laptop available for sale in pampanga (SM pampanga octagon)

Since I'm not in a hurry, I might as well wait for new tech like ddr3, led backlighting, i series cpu with new mobo and idealy wifi direct, the new centrino standard and usb 3. Plus Li-ion batteries degrade even if not used so always get a freshly manufactured battery.

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