Friday, January 29, 2010

AMD Vision

This is an interesting move by AMD. In general it simplifies the task of choosing a laptop for the noob consumer. In essence it categorizes a laptop into 3 (with a 4th coming up) category. In essence AMD is saying this set of specs = a slow laptop, good only for basic tasks, this is a medium laptop and this is a fast laptop.

The hardware is irrrelevant. If it performs to this level its slow, if it performs to this level its fast, etc etc.

Some critiques
1. the 4th category, Vision black should be the very fast model. Capable of playing games like crysis, GTA4, prototype, shattered horizon, etc. at max settings.

2. maybe a 5th category. Probably named vision ultraviolet or something for the bleeding edge fastest hardware available at the time

3. If you'll notice some websites are using a database trick to properly name movies. Movie makers are coming out with remakes of old movies and sometimes they use exactly the same name. This creates confusion since you use the same primary key or name for two different things. A database workaround is called a compound key, composed of 2 parts. For movies its the name + the year of release.

In this case, I propose that with the exception of vanilla vision, each category or level would also be a compound key like say 'vison premium 2010' or something like that. Why? Because a high end gaming PC now is vastly different from one a few years ago.

This will make some retailers unhappy because it makes it easy for customers to spot old stock.

4. A category should be reserved for the really common practice of pairing an excellent cpu with a slow gpu. For business use or video editing. Maybe a new category or replacing ultimate.

5. make something similar for desktops

6. maybe something similar for Intel based pc's??

in reference to: AMD Vision (view on Google Sidewiki)

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