Sunday, January 24, 2010

powerbase c-421 - a broken example

The powerbase c-421 is probably the cheapest smart charger available in the philippines. 600 pesos, 2 AA, with trickle charge and individual charging channels.

The symptoms are the failure of the lights to consistently turn on when you plug the empty charger into 220v. If they do turn on, we tried  charging a few different known working batteries. The lights turned to red as it started charging but after < 1 min, it died.

Here are pics of the circuit board. There is nothing wrong  to the naked eye.


This one for some reason died 1-2 years after normal use by one of my relatives. Right now they are looking for a replacement. I suggested a Unomat UNO1900 because thats what I'm using now. Click here for the unomat PDF manual + specs.

So right now this broken charger is a paperweight. I'll make a few inquiries from electronics people but i dont think this can be repaired.

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