Monday, December 7, 2009

smart bro new plan 999 confirmed

This is photographic confirmation of ther new plan from smart, a plug it plan that is unlimited and costs 999 pesos a month. I think we should call it plan 999-03. Plan 999-01 would be the canopy. Plan 999-02 would be share it. You can also see it as a full page newspaper ad.

Confirmed, it is nationwide and 24 months lock in.

I hate to say it but I now do not recommend smart bro share it unless you need the router. Plan 999-02 or share it has the disadvantage of being locked to one province and I think plan 999-03 also has the flexibility of being able to use 2g and 3g unlike plan 999-02 which is locked to 3.5g only. I have to wait for my share it to expire before switching.

So to summarize, the only advantage of share it over plan 999-03 is
1. free wifi router
2. easier placement. I have an office with no smart signal and I just hang the share it on the window

advantage of plan 999-03
1. nationwide
2. more portable
3. not limited to 3.5g

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