Monday, December 7, 2009

Portable cautery

As a suergeon or rather as a surgical engineer, as I would like to be known, I'll also blog about medical gadgets that I like. I'm cheap so I wont get into the super expensive stuff. I'll concentrate on stuff that can practically be used by surgeons like me, a simple private surgeon with no money in a small clinic.

Ok, I dont have the brochure with me so I'll update this later with the contact info of the seller. They graciously gave me permission to post pics on my blog.

This looks interesting, a portable battery powered cautery. Uses AA batteries. 4000 php for the blue one, the black one costs 5k. The black one has a low and a high temp device. Construction is plastic, pretty flimsy. The tips are disposable. I'll update this later with the prices. You could probably sterilize the thing + batts with ethylene oxide but the girls there say surgeons just cover the thing with a sterile glove.

Personaly this is an interesting proposition. It looks just like my dad's soldering gun and probably works the same way.

I think I could macgyver something like this. I'll base it on an old aluminum 2aa flashlight. I'll start  fine steel wire for the tips.

I doubt you can dissect or cut with this. It will probably used for hemostasis ot burning bleeders for minor surgery in the office like cicumcision. I might get one if my practice picks up but I'll try the macgyver first.

update. Supplier is Biomedia health care. The tips cost 350 pesos each. Their second part of their email is, the first part is biomed@

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