Monday, December 7, 2009

PCS convention - new venue

Review of the SMX convention center for the PC annual convention dec 6, 2009. Previous conventions were held at shangrila hotel.


Good parking, much better than before at shangrila.

Proximity to SM Mall of asia where you can go after the conference.

The place is much bigger.


3500 pesos for a guest on site registration. That’s expensive but its more or less the same as last year. Cash only, Booo! No credit cards or smart money. Please get with it. Cash is so last millenium.

Wifi sucks. SM free wifi doesn’t work. For some reason I cant connect even with full bar signal. Havent asked anybody about it yet so it might be isolated to my lapotop. There are 2 wifi AP’s called AccessZone-Philcom, but open up a browser and you get a login page, you need a password. Dont know where you can buy load for that.

Some meeting rooms have 220v outlets but the outlets may be a little far from the seats, a short extension cord may be needed. The big function rooms do not have visible 220v outlets.

Some convention halls smell brand new, and that’s a bad thing. I hope the outgassing hydrocarbon smell from the upholstery and paints is not carcinogenic. They need a good airing out. Aircon is powerful, and I didnt bring a sweater.

No more free hot water/coffee/tea, except maybe for some function rooms which had coffee, hot and cold water. No more free teabags. In the afternoons there are snacks. I had a free iced tea and some pandesal with corned beef. Previously there was abundant coffee and hot water and maybe cookies next to the function rooms. I usually brought along some instant powdered drinks. I miss that. Breakfast is available in the function rooms. Its cafeteria food. OK but cheap.

On the average, I’d say it’s a draw as to which is better.

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