Thursday, December 10, 2009

Batman - lost in time

i dont read comic books much but Acc to this article, Bruce Wayne is AWOL from the current DC comics universe

In Final Crisis, the original Batman, Bruce Wayne, is hit by the Omega Beam during a battle with the villain Darkseid. This beam sends Wayne spinning into the unknown, cast off into the time stream. He is thought to be dead by both friends and enemies. In the aftermath, the role of Batman is assumed by the original Robin, Dick Grayson, and the role of Robin is assumed by Bruce Wayne's son, Damian.

Batman isnt dead, he's just stuck in the past (with amnesia??), and he's trying to come back, jumping from time to time until he returns home (quantum leap??)

This is more for me about putting Batman/Bruce Wayne through my own, and my collaborators' version, of the ultimate test of who and what he is. So far I've had him overcome the Devil, Madness and Death; now we see him, truly lost, amnesiac, and stripped down to basic human survival mode in some extremely hostile environments and unfamiliar situations. He's the best fighter in his world, he's one of the smartest and most driven men who ever lived, but we've seen him outwit the Joker 10,000 times. This was a way of taking the character off the grid, as they say, and reminding readers what kind of man he is and what he's capable of. If you wonder why Batman is so cool — here's why Batman is so cool.
This is an attempt to look at a very familiar character from some unusual angles. And it's about Bruce and who he is — I want to remind people how the man and the mask are inseparable parts of a terrifying whole.

This looks pretty cool. It comes out mid 2010. Bruce stuck in the past, using whatever is left in his utility belt + his macgyver skills (Doc brown in back to the future 3 seems to be a more appropriate comparison) to totally rule. Of course he's looking for tech and magic to fast forward into the present.

in reference to: Grant Morrison on return of original Batman - (view on Google Sidewiki)

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