Sunday, August 21, 2011

room fan air filter

If you read my previous posts, you know that my room is very dusty and it affects my PC. One way to reduce the dust is to put an air filter in my room. Its not gonna be near 100% like placing filters on my windows and sealing the door and cracks, but its easier to do and its better than doing nothing. BTW, here's a discussion of my PC's positive pressure ventilation fan setup.

I decided that since I already have an electric stand fan in my room, I'm gonna place the filter there. Of course, placing a filter on a fan will reduce the airflow so to compromise:
  1. Don't cover 100% of the fan
  2. Make sure the fan is more than powerful enough to provide cooling. The weather is autumn-ish in the philippines with noontime temps maybe 32 degrees Celsius max so I swapped out my 125 watt stand fan with a 75 watt one. It is more than enough to provide cooling for the current weather. Next year when summer comes around and temps climb to 38 and more, I'll bring back the bigger fan.
Clarification: by "more than powerful enough", I mean that the fan is powerful enough that even if the airflow is reduced by the filter, it would still be enough to cool you.
    Making the filter is dead simple. I started out with rectangle of foam type air filter and just cut 2 slots on one side for the fan's motor. Fold the cut portion up and place it behind the fan. Thats it. Friction and the fan suction will hold it on. You could add a few large binder clips if you want.


    I estimate maybe 2/3 of the surface area of the fan is covered.

    This closeup shows the filter after around 3 weeks. Notice the color contrast.


    the end

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