Thursday, May 5, 2011

PC filter upgrade - 3m filters - results

If you read the previous post here, I upgraded my PC's filters to 3m aircon filters.

After around 3 weeks, I noted that the filter is getting pretty dusty. Checking the fan's exhaust, it is getting pretty weak. But checking the aluminum filter behind the 3m filter and checking the fan blades, I noted that they are pretty clean.

So I can conclude that

1. 3m filters really work well, even fine dust is captured. Excellent!
2. my room is very dusty
3. looks like I need to replace my filters every 3 weeks or so

4. since finer dust is captured, the 3m filters last much shorter than cheaper aircon filters

For my next test, I will try using pantyhose. You'll see it in soon in a new blog post.

note: added conclusion #4

the end


GreenRanger said...

I tried those blue aircon filter which were posted here. I bought them from D.I.Y. Hardware and I wasn't satisfied with the results, restrict the airflow too much.

Since you upgraded to 3M filters, much more thinner, Can you post your observation which is more restrictive to airflow? and is there a difference in temp in temp with filter (blue vs 3M) and without filter?

GreenRanger said...

Also pantyhose is much harder and annoying to setup. You do have to stretch and sometimes they snag.

Vince said...

Restriction of airflow is a given with filters. We put up with it because of the dust reducing benefits. You can reduce airflow restriction by using high surface area. Its actually easy to do with pantyhose. Wait for my blog post about pantyhose fiters to know how. Usually you just compensate with more cooling.

I never really measured temps but my PC has spare cooling capacity. It started out with no extra fans and worked well with acceptable temps, and now it has 3 added fans so a little airflow restriction is negligible

I dont have any measurement to see if 3m is more restrictive than the blue filter, but once the 3m filter is clogged with dust, the restriction is noticable

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