Sunday, May 15, 2011

verifying smart money on paypal - new for may 2011

As of may 2011, the procedure has changed a bit. Read the notes at the end of the post

I'm doing a step by step guide on how to link your smart money card to paypal and how to verify a smart money card on paypal. I assume you already have a paypal account and you have no credit cards linked to paypal yet.

  • If you use a prepaid smart cellphone, make sure your smart cellphone has enough load for several messages. PhP 10-20 should be enough
  • Make sure your smart money account has at least 100 pesos
  • Log into pay pal
  • Go to the My Account tab
  • Under my account, you should see: Overview, Add Funds, Withdraw, History, Resolution Center and Profile. Go to Profile
  • Select add/edit credit card
  • Note: I do not know if the name listed should be the same as the one on the credit card
  • Select mastercard
  • Type the card number. Do not type in any spaces or dashes, just the 16 digit number
  • type in the expiration date
  • type in the card verification number, the last 3 digits on the back of the card
  • check the billing address
  • Get your cellphone and go to the simcard menu. Select smart money then internet txns then unlock then choose the name of the smart money card then press OK to answer the question " unlock for internet?"
  • enter the w-PIN on the cellphone
  • You will get 2 text messages. They both come from Smart money and the first one says " 1/2 ". The second one says " 2/2 Unlocking your account signifies that u agree to the SmartMoney Terms & Conditions for internet purchase. For details please go to "
  • Once you get both text messages, go back to your web browser and press the Add Card button
  • You will get a text message saying The php 43.xx may change depending on the exchange rate.
  • Paypal should display "You have successfully added a credit card. Please note that this credit card is now your primary card. For more information on your primary card, please refer to your Profile."
  • The 43.xx peso charge AFAIK will no be refunded
That should be it.

As of may 2011, paypal and/or smart changed something. It used to be there was no 43.xx charge. Adding a card was a free act. After adding a card you would need to verify your credit card in a separate step. Now, the 2 steps of adding and verifying a card are condensed into one step. How do I know? I tested it!!  Before the changes, around march 2011, I replaced my card due to physical damage. Since its a new card with a new number I had to ADD it to paypal and VERIFY it, using the old procedure (see below) and I was able to . However for testing purposes I removed the card and tried to add and verify it again. I was surprised when my card was charged 4x.xx pesos and there was no verify link visible. Thats what led me to write this blog entry.

Also of note, you previously needed to enter a 4 digit code which you would get via text. That step is not present anymore.

There are rumors that the amount you can buy with paypal is limited if you do not verify. However since I have been able to buy stuff online (albeit low value stuff) and I cannot find any link or way to verify my card, I'm assuming that this rumor is not true or was true until the change.

For records purposes, I am repeating the old procedure which of course you cannot do anymore:
After adding your card, you would verify it. This involves  a refundable 100 peso charge. You should see an option to verify the card. After the 100 pesos is charged, paypal will ask you to enter a 4 digit code. For a credit card, it should be in your credit card bill. For smart money, you can find the code in the bill you receive via text message. It should arrive in a few minutes.

The end


Anonymous said...

I don't know why but my smart money card kept on getting denied. Nakakainis lol. I've "unlocked" my card so many times pero wala parin. May 500 ish din na laman yung card. I'd call them but mag-aantay ka ng at least 30 minutes or more bago may sumagot.

Btw hindi rumor na may limit pag hindi verified. May sending limit pag hindi ka verified, depende sa country kung how much yung limit. Sa atin it's $100 ata.

Anonymous said...

It's me again. I finally called their hotline then told them about my problem. Ok naman yung csr, she confirmed my details then she said na iu-unlock niya yung card. Hinold yung call ko then after a while sinabi na pwede na daw gamitin yung card after 15 minutes.

*After 15 minutes*

I entered my details, card number etc.. Need parin i-unlock yung internet transactions, so make sure na you do that before pressing continue. I was charged P43.91.

Then I clicked on "confirm my card", unlock ulit ng internet transaction before pressing continue. Charged P100 then andun narin yung Paypal code.

Kaya dun sa mga di ma-add yung card nila, tawag nalang po kayo sa smart.

Vince said...

Well, I checked the paypal page and I still cannot find any "confirm my card" link.

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