Friday, June 18, 2010

Soluto Boot optimizer

This is a nifty freeware application. It does several things
  • It analyzes your PC as it boots and lists down all the programs that load on startup
  • It tells you how many seconds each program adds to your boot time
  • It gives you an estimate of how long it will take your PC to boot
  • You can disable a program from loading on startup or delay it from loading until your PC is idle
  • It uses a wiki style database to categorize each program into "optional", must load during boot and "you can disable this if you know what you're doing"
  • It also uses the database to tell you what will happen if you do disable that program
  • You can add comments to the database. This helps the website recognize more programs
  • The program monitors all programs you install on your PC and it even graphs the boot time so you can see how installing the program affects your boot time.

Soluto - How to use Soluto Beta from Soluto on Vimeo.

Link to website.

the end

UPDATE: the new soluto has 2 new features
1. remove unnecessary addons from your browser. I've tested it on firefox so far
2. a still buggy function that detects and attempts to help you if a program crashed

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