Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Sorry smart bro, but because of the aggravating disconnections and ang variable speed (from > 1 mbps to 200 kbps), I got PLDT DSL. This is plan 999, I'll upgrade later to plan 1995.

So far my pldt dsl uses the white modem, ZyXEL p-600. No dialer or password. Just plug in the LAN port. AFAIK my area is not NGN in san fernando pampanga so I was expecting a dialer like my old one. I used to have plan 999 non NGN from 2000-2009 in manila. My speed then was ~ 500 kbps

Thats a belkin wifi router attached to the PLDT. It isnt load balancing so for now desktop is connected to PLDT dsl and laptop is connected to smart bro share it.

For smart bro I'm getting DL = 400-700 kbps, UL = ~ 300kbps. Sometimes I get spikes of > 1 mbps during non peak hours.

For PLDT DSL, DL = 400-450 kbps, ping 53s, UL = 550 kbps

As a bonus, utorrent is green and no more shared IP address

Browsing was difficult until I erased my firefox cache

I'll get rid of smart bro share it after a couple of months of testing. I might either get smart bro prepaid or sun bro postpaid so I will have internet in my office

UPDATE: after 2 days, speed went up to 1-1.4 mbps. I was lucky because PLDT had no open slots for DSL but one subscriber terminated his subscription so I took his slot. I think he had a 512kbps plan and it took PLDT 2 days to reset the speed to plan 999 speeds.

I had a lot of problems browsing initially  with my vista based desktop (however utorrent had no problem).  My laptop had no problem. After hours of fruitless tweaking I decided to reinstall windows. Its fine now.

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