Friday, January 15, 2010

tank007 tk-568 review

Ok I bought one. This is the link to the website  . They sell a large number of stuff including LED flashlights.

It arrived ~ 4 weeks after ordering. cost $14.80 and free shipping, no tax. It arrived in an envelope. Shipping is free and takes a month because it uses old fashioned snail mail, i.e. the post office.

Build quality looks OK. The clicky button is solid. You can macgyver a momentary on switch by turning it on and loosening the butt end until it turns off. Pressing the butt end (not the button ) will turn it on momentarily.The button is recessed so you can stand the light on end. Combined with the removable top end, you have candle mode. It has Gold plated contacts.

Compared to my maglite, its almost the same intensity. Color is a little on the warm white side. The beam angle is bigger. At 1 meter, you get a 1 meter circle and a 12cm spot. You are supposed to be able to adjust the focus by loosening the top end but the difference is minimal.The light does get warm after some minutes of use.


The website of dealextreme says its 3 mode, high, low and SOS. The tank website says its 5 or 1 mode and no you cant tell if you got the normal or the deluxe model just by looking because they have the same model number. Well the one I got has only 1 mode.

This is false advertising, or just a mistake????

Otherwise its an ok 1 mode flashlight. Dont know how long it will last.

This is a class A chinese brand. I bought it because at the time I didnt have the budget to buy a quark mini AA.

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