Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to Earn Money from Blogging

Blogging is the new media tool used for making an online journal. It is also considered a website but on a more personal approach. It has been used for so many years but when Brian Gorell started to blog ,the whole world was scandalize and most of them started to blog. He used blogging for his AIDS awareness advocacy. His blog became remarkable and followed by millions of people. He still blogs up to now.

First step is to start up your blog.The simple process how to earn with blogging. You only need perseverance, patience, and good idea.

Famous free blogsites:
1. Blogspot
2. Wordpress
3. Livejournal
4. Typepad

But did you know that you can earn from blogging? How ? Let me share to you the advice of my friend Mr. Dexter Panganiban. He said that earning from blogging is categorized into two: Passive and Active.

"Passive income are income generated thru Ads which is shown in the Blogs that you use.
The are lots of company where we can really enroll so that You can have a Passive income. Those site that can gives a passive income are those site involve involved in CPC [ Cost Per Click ] or PPC [ Pay Per Click ] Platform. Well I use the following Site to get those Passive income :

1. Ads by Google
2. Bidvertiser
3. Kontera
4. Nuffnang
5. Project Wonderful "

"Active income are those income generated when you do something like paid post or a review or when somebody pays you to make the review.

It is actually an earning after you make your task. Sometimes this kind of earning rocks and way far behind the passive income. Although sometimes it is reverse.

These are the paid posting sites I used:

1. Reviewme
2. Payperpost
3. Blogvertise
4. Sponsoredreviews
5. Blog4reviews
6. Blogadvertisingstore

Just be sure you have Paypal account upon enrolling because they pay you thru paypal, Happy Blogging.
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