Tuesday, January 12, 2010

cree headlamp vs led lenser h7 for surgery

The cree headlamp was discussed here.

The led lenser h7 is available in hahn for 2800 pesos versus 1500 pesos for the cree. It is rated at 160 lumens versus 300 for the cree. Maybe the 300 value is exaggerated. But the led lenser H7 is a little weaker than the cree. The focusing system of the H7 is inferior to the cree. Just look at the cree's lens assembly, its so long compared to the H7. Just like a DSLR telephoto lens, if you want zoom , you need a longer barrel.

My bro in law has a cree and I have used it in surgery so I can safely say that its focus system is excellent. The cree has little spill while the led lenser has a lot of spill. Its intensity is probably the minimum needed for surgery. Sorry led lenser, I have to turn you down this once.

Conclusion: the cree headlamp is definitely usable for surgery.

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