Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nvidia caught hobbling PhysX!!

 Okay,  we all know what physX does. It adds more special effects to games and makes them even prettier and more realistic. But if you run physX on your CPU only, its very slow. If you have an  Nvidia video card, the physX runs on the video card and its much faster. If you have an ATI video card and you want physX, it has to run on the CPU, and did I mention that its very slow?

Now evidence has surfaced that physX is intentionally hobbled by Nvidia. First, it only runs in one thread. Right there we have a big issue, but it gets better. The link below claims that in essence the physX code is written old style, designed for processors like the pentium 2 and below. Now if it were re-written correctly, designed to take advantage of modern processors, we should expect a 1.5-2x speed improvement. Now if you add to that support for more cores, I think you would be able to run physX comfortably on a modern CPU.


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