Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dampening Vibration speeds up Hard drives

Wow, a 245% improvement in random read speeds in a server just by isolating a hard drive from the vibration of the fans and other hard drives in the same case.

I wonder if this would be noticable in a home PC with only one hard drive, not a server class drive of coure, a normal 7200rpm drive

Should be easy enough to bust or prove. Get a home PC, place it on a thick rubber mat on a hard concrete or stone floor and do a random read/write benchmark then do it again but this time unscrew the hard drive and place it on the bare floor or on its own separate rubber mat.

in reference to:
"Performance improvements for random reads ranged from 56% to 246% while improvements for random writes ranged from 34% to 88% for a defined set of industry benchmarks."
- Bad, bad, bad vibrations | ZDNet (view on Google Sidewiki)

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