Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cheaper legit EA games

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Ok. It was suggested that I check out this website. is a website that seems to collect various coupons and sales from all over the internet (mostly US sites, and all online. There seem to be no brick and mortar sale items here). It then categorizes and displays them in one location. 

Now for a U.S. customer who wants to buy online, this would be useful. However, if you are familiar with this blog, I am a Filipino and I live in the Philippines. Although I can easily buy stuff online using paypal + my smart money debit card, usually the shipping charges would eat up all the savings. Its usually better to buy from a local dealer. I get the item immediately (usually items from hong kong take > 30 days to get to me via mail) and I usually have a warranty and I can examine the item before buying. Even if the base price is higher, there is no shipping involved so the total price may be cheaper, although there are a few exceptions.

So on first glance, I was not optomistic about this website. I browsed in the electronics and computer sections and nothing caught my eye. However the tipidpc digitally distributed games sale thread reminded me too look at the video games section since video games can be sold online and digitally distributed (e.g. downloaded), essentially free speed of light shipping limited by your bandwidth.

Well, I found coupons for a game website. The website was smart enough to detect that I'm in Asia so it sent me to the Singapore website. Lets look at 2 games. Mass effect 2 and Dragon Age origins, digital deluxe edition. The prices I saw were s$56.90 and s$79.90. Initially I thought, big deal, it was more expensive than the regular price of $49.99 and $64.99 on the usual place where people go to buy digitally distributed games. But, hang on, I failed to notice that the prices were in singapore dollars. So I googled for a currency converter and guess what, the real price converted to US dollars was $40.59 and $56.99. A small difference but every cent counts.

I tried to order Mass effect 2 and Dragon Age DDE, look at what comes with the purchase < click pic below to see it ful size > . ME2 comes with what looks like a 10% discount coupon for the next purchase.

I though that would be useless but this info was really useful. But I have to point out I never did really order anything so you'll just have to try and order from it. There is a "philippines" in the list of supported countries.

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