Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Commercial LTE Network Goes Live

The first LTE network goes online in sweden and norway. 20 to 80 mbps is their advertised speed. No word on actual speed or prices. The modem is a small usb modem made by samsung. Some websites photoshop a pair of horns on the modem in reference to the vikings.

If you dont know, LTE or 3GPP or long term evolution or 3.9G is a possible successor to 3g and 3.5g. Its called 3.9G because it doesnt fully comply with some standards some comittee made up for 4g. Like most 4g networks, it also has long range. Well who cares as long as its fast and cheap.

This is a competitor to other 4g tech like wimax. Considering that wimax's performance is pretty underwhelming in the philippines for some reason, we have high hopes here.

AFAIK some telcos prefer this over wimax because its more similar to 3g equipment wise which should reduce costs. Maybe it has common equipment so that rollout can be fast??? I dont know.

More competition = lower costs and better services. Cant wait for this to come to the phils. 

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Smart conducts first LTE trial in RP, reinforces broadband leadership

4G ng Smart

Leading wireless services provider Smart Communications marks another industry milestone as its network played host to the first network trial in the Philippines using 4G or Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology.

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actual specs

42.78Mbps DL
5.3Mbps upload
37ms ping

599kr (85$) per month

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