Monday, December 28, 2009

First affordable LED Monitors in the Philippines

Philippine Daily Inquirer Dec 28 2009 Page B6 gives the price of the 18.5 inch e936Vw as PhP 6395 and the 21.5 inch e2236Vw as PhP 8595. Interestingly, the newspaper ad is worded as "First LED Monitors in the Philippines".

in reference to:
"First affordable LED Monitors in the Country AOC also unveiled the first affordable LED Monitors in the Philippines – e936Vw and e2236Vw. These AOC e36 Series monitors offer consumers brilliant large screen performance at highly competitive price. The AOC e2236Vw offers premium picture quality for graphics-intensive applications. It comes with 2.000.000:1 (DCR) contrast ratio, which delivers exceptional image clarity, and 160-degree viewing angle to provide increased visibility from side viewpoints. Its response time is 5ms, a key feature that prevents fast moving objects from becoming blurred. The LED monitor e936Vw is the New Green Monitor of AOC. The e36 series e936Vw has a unique external design, framing the screen in a glossy piano black finish with sea shell texture. The low power function of e936Vw saves up to 78.38% consumption than normal 4CCFL monitor, while for e2236Vw it is up to 75.51%. The table below shows the calculations on how you can save energy in a year:"
- AOC Monitor the Worldwide Leader in Display Manufacturing (view on Google Sidewiki)

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