Friday, January 18, 2013

Oishi Bread Pan White cheddar QR code

I previously blogged about the erratic quality of QR codes in Philippine newspapers in a previous blog post. My 2 megapixel samsung galaxy Y can't recognize the codes.

Well look at this new product I bought in the supermarket. Oishi bread pan white cheddar flavor. Now made with whole wheat.

I noticed that there was a small QR code in the back. Printing quality is good although under some lighting conditions the shiny surface is not the best for getting a clear picture. Of course I tried it and it doesnt work on my cellphone. Since the quality of printing is pretty good, its the size. It only measures 1.4cm square.

Again, my suggestion stands, test your QR codes with a low end cellphone to avoid alienating a section of the market.

BTW. It tastes good. A bit gritty due to the whole wheat but thats ok.

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