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S&R Pampanga sale 2012 part 2

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OK here is a list of some interesting items. I did not list any not worth it too expensive items except for a few. For most of these, I give a per piece or per liter or per kilogram price. Some items may actually be non-sale items but I include them anyway because it's a good deal. Items with a x2 are buy one take one items. Also some prices are rounded off, i.e. php 39.95 becomes 40 but I did not round off the per gram values

Tissue paper rolls

Kirkland embossed bath - 1150/36 =Php41/roll
Scott 1000 - 1200/36 = Php33/roll
Charmin ultra strong - 900/24 = Php37.5/roll
Member's selection - 500/20 = Php25/roll
S&r - 450/20 = Php22.5/roll
Velvety soft - 489.95/48 =Php10.2/roll. 220 sheets/roll = 0.0464/sheet
Velvety soft - 250/24 =Php10.4/roll
Extra - 399.95/24 = Php16.67/roll, 600 sheets/300 pulls/roll = 0.0555/pull
Pure - 399.95/12 = Php33.33

note: deciding which to buy is difficult. First of all, I am ignoring the quality. Second, each roll is a different size so I did eventually realize that a per roll computation might be inaccurate. Ideally I would like to weigh individual rolls but that is not possible here. So as a compromise, I looked at the number of sheets/pulls per roll. Unfortunately, some brands interchange the terms sheets and rolls. A single square of tissue paper is a pull. If it is 2 ply then 1 pull is made up of 2 sheets. 

Due to lack of time I was not able to write down all the per sheet data. On a per roll basis the 2 cheapest are Velvety soft and Extra. On a per pull basis, I had a little problem because Extra did not say how many pulls it had, only sheets. Judging from a quick visual estimate, the rolls of Velvety soft are slightly smaller in diameter so if velvety soft made a mistake and reported sheets instead of pulls, a value of 220 pulls per roll seems accurate. So on a per pull basis, velvety soft is the cheapest.


Frosted mini wheats - 679/1.98 = Php342.93
grape nuts - 400/1.81kg = Php221
Koko crunch - 185/0.5 = Php370
Raisin bran crunch - 700/1.6kg = Php437.5
Raisin bran - 370/1.98kg =  186.87
Kellogs special k red berries - 480/1.05kg =  Php457.1
Post cranberry almond - 170/0.368 = Php462
Kashi go lean crunch - 700/1.27 = Php551
Nestle clusters almond = 100/0.240 = Php416
Nature's path pumkin flax granola - 550/1 = Php550
Quaker granola - 150/0.2 = Php750

Quaker oatmeal - x 52 = Php550

note: raisin bran is the clear winner, but it doesn't taste too good alone.

Cereal bars

Nature valley oat & honey - 144/6 = Php24/pouch
Nature valley sweet salty peanut - 900/48 = Php18.75/pouch
Kirkland variety - 900/20 = Php45/pouch
Planters - 630/25 = Php25.2/pouch

Frozen food

Southern valley mixed veg 1kg  = Php100
Nonpareillis frozen broccoli 0.907kg = Php165
Sunny select leaf spinach 10oz/283.5g = Php60
Parklane hash brown - 200/1.27kg = Php157.48/kg
White river cobbler fish fillet = Php160/kg
Fast fixin chicken burger - 250/1.02kg = Php245/kg


antabax soap - 85g  x 5 x 2 = 140/10 = Php14/bar or Php 0.16470/g
Safeguard with aloe 113g x 8 x 2 = 350/16 = Php21.875/bar or Php 0.19358/g
Colgate total whitening 170g = Php100


Kirkland fish oil 400cap = 500/400 = Php1.25/cap
Kirkland daily multi vitamins 500 caps- 700/500 = Php1.4/cap
Tramontina saute pan teflon platinum 8 &10 inch bundle = Php1200
Tramontina fry pan 20cm x 2 eclipse coating = Php1000
Tramontina fry pan 30cm - Php1200
S&r deluxe mixed nuts = Php700
splenda 1000 packets = Php1140
Member's selection canola oil 5L = Php550
S&r palm oil 5L = 430 = Php86/L
olive pomace oil 5L = 1000/5 = 200/liter * did not get the brand
Krklnd tomato Basil bisque 530g = Php65
Healthy choice chicken with rice x 2 = Php100
Amy's organic soup x2 = Php170
Soyfresh soymilk 1L = Php40
Carnation bfast essentials x 22 = 550/22 = Php25
Act 2 butter lover's popcorn x 28 =400/28 = Php14.29
Orville redenbacher butter popcorn - 500/28 = Php17.86
Kirkland weight loss shake - 325ml = Php45

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ChicandHappy said...

WOW! I like how very detailed this is! They say pictures tell a thousand stories, but these numbers tell me a hundred thousand more! Nice breakdown on the costs, I do these also when I log my daily expenses. Hehe. Glad I stumbled onto your blog. :)

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