Thursday, December 1, 2011

lenovo ideapad z470 review - part 3: 3D benchmarks

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OK Welcome to part 3 of my informal review., 3D benchmarks. Again, all resolutions will be the native resolution. 1280x1024 for the desktop and 1366x768 for the laptop, unless it is unsupported. In that case I'll go down to 720p or 1280x720.

3dmark 2011, basic edition, "P" presets (1280x720)

desktop: P 1071
laptop: P 3358

Batman arkham asylum, steam. very high detail level, physx normal

desktop :
min = 22, max=  97, ave = 72
laptop run :
min = 22, max = 61, ave = 43

lets lower the phsx from normal to off

desktop: min = 41, max = 231, ave = 127
laptop: min = 21, max = 95, ave = 69

Devil may cry 4 benchmark. Desktop @ 1280x1024, laptop @ 1280x720. All settings at super high, AA off. The scores are FPS for scenes 1 through 4

desktop: 198, 182, 221, 133. Rank S
laptop: 85, 58, 109, 60. Rank A

Jianxia 3 benchmark. MSAA 4x, realtime shadow very high, post effect on. physx on

desktop: ave = 62, min = 6, max = 107
laptop: ave = 27, min = 7, max = 43

JX3 benchmark. physx off

desktop: ave = 36, min = 4, max = 109
laptop: ave = 19, min = 1, max = 39

JX3 benchmark. cuda accelerated animation bench. cuda on

desktop: ave = 32, min = 29, max = 34
laptop: ave = 13, min = 13, max = 16

JX3 benchmark. cuda accelerated animation bench. cuda off

desktop: ave = 12, min = 11, max = 20
laptop: ave = 11, min = 9, max = 17

Cinebench 64 bit 11.5 openGL test
desktop: 31.94fps
laptop: 21.41

Mafia 2, steam. AA off, shadow quality high, ambient occlusion on, anisotropic filtering 1x, geometry detail high, physx medium

desktop: 20.9, rank D
laptop: 20.7, rank D

with phsyx off

desktop: 44.7, rank C
laptop: 30.8, rank D

Just cause 2 steam, dark tower test. texture detail high, shadows high, AA off, anisotropic filtering 16x, water detail very high, objects detail very high, decals on, soft particles on, high res shadows on, SSAO high, point light specular on

desktop: 38.02fps
laptop: 24.28

Unigene heaven basic edition, dx 11. shaders high, tesselation normal, asnisotropy 4, AA off

desktop: 1432
laptop: 375

Lost planet 2 benchmark dx 11 test A. AA none, motion blur on, shadow detail high, texture detail high, rendering level high, DX 11 features high

desktop: 54.7 fps
laptop: 16.7 fps

Lost planet 2 benchmark dx 11 test B. AA none, motion blur on, shadow detail

high, texture detail high, rendering level high, DX 11 features high

desktop: 30.3 fps
laptop: 10.3 fps

So, except for one test, Mafia 2 physx on, the desktop pretty much wins. This is expected as games lean heavily on the GPU, and my desktop has a better GPU which wins over the faster CPU of the laptop. But this is not unexpected as this is not a real hardcore gaming laptop. But its quite capable nonetheless. I've played batman AA on it with physx off and the settings down one click and its very playable.

OK thats part 3. Next is part 4, hard drive benchmarks

the end


Dark Zelda said...

Yay, ill buy this laptop vere soon, im expecting the 4 part of your review, i hope you review the sound and if you are so kind, can you tell how the hell does the esata port works ??

Vince said...

sorry for the delay as I'm very busy in real life. Now with the holidays over I'll try to get part 4: hard drive benchmarks done. I haven't tried the esata port coz i don't have an esata drive. AFAIK esata is just like USB but faster. Buy an external hard drive that has both usb 2.0 and esata and if you plug it into the esata port it can transfer faster

Vince said...

as for the sound, i'm no expert and my ears are not what they used to be. it works, no distortion. speakers are reasonably loud for personal use but if you want to play music for an audience, better get external powered speakers

Anonymous said...

Hi there!, I recently bought this notebook and i found that there are three magnetized zones: just below the trackpad, near the microfone, and to the rigth of the trackpad, you can notice it putting a clip/needle near. Can you tell me if your notebook has the same? thank you very much, Alejandro

Vince said...

I will now make a new blog post about the magnetism.

bonoixb05 said...

Can you recommend any game that can run smoothly with this laptop? I'm kind of an eclectic when it comes to games. Thank you.

Vince said...


mafia 2, batman AA and just cause 2 are playable specially if you drop the video settings a bit to medium. These 3 are hardly undemanding games so I doubt that many games cannot be run if you drop the settings a bit.

Try this website if you already have the laptop.

it can examine a PC and tell if a game meets the specs

bonoixb05 said...

Thanks vince, the link you said is pretty useful.

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